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wakanda strain


wakanda strain.

The Wakanda strain is a cannabis hybrid with parent plants that are a mix of two Indica and one Sativa. It has tropical fruits, citrus, and floral aromas that are sure to please the senses.

The high THC content gives this strain it’s psychoactive effects that include euphoria and happiness followed by sleepiness.

Wakanda is an indica-dominant hybrid and a cross of the legendary strain Gorilla Glue and White Widow. This sativa-leaning strain is widely appreciated by both smokers and extract artists due to its potent effects, widespread application and easy growing conditions.

Wakanda is a new strain of medical marijuana (MMJ) with intoxicating effects that might be suited to people suffering from mood disorders like anxiety or depression.

Wakanda strain is a hybrid, Indica dominant strain. This cannabis strain has a THC content ranging from 12-18% on average and CBD of 0.8%. WAKANDA is the Queen Mother of all strains with the best attributes of both Sativa and Indica Cannabis.

It was bred with care during its development process to ensure that it was as evenly balanced as possible in terms of Sativa/Indica ratio and Cannabinoids/Terpenes content so that consumers can enjoy distinct effects from each aspect of this hybrid.


The wakanda strain is an indica dominant hybrid with an extremely high THC content. This strain has a very pleasant aroma and flavor that makes it a great option for medical patients who are looking for immediate pain relief or anyone looking for an uplifting high that keeps you feeling energized throughout the day.

Wakanda is an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a potent buzz. Its THC levels are consistently high, with some samples testing at over 20% THC. The high is intense and cerebral, with a strong body effect that leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

wakanda strain is known to be a very high-quality cannabis strain. It has a THC content of 20% or more and a CBD content of just under 1%. The former means that it will make you feel stoned, relaxed and happy; the latter means it won’t give you any anxiety or paranoia.

Wakanda is a sativa-dominant strain that hails from Colorado. It has been known to produce up to 20% THC and has a CBD level of 2.5%. Wakanda smells like pine and lemon, while the taste is similar to pine with smooth undertones of fruitiness. This strain is most potent in the morning and offers users strong body effects.

wakanda strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a strong smell, high THC and CBD content. Its high smoke can have you feeling relaxed, stoned and generally happy.

The Wakanda strain is a hybrid that’s been long-beloved due to its potent effects. If you’re looking for a potent strain that provides a great deal of relief and relaxation, this beautiful flower may be just what you’ve been searching for.


Wakanda is a beautiful sativa strain, with a sweet and tropical aroma. This one provides a rush of energy that helps you focus on tasks at hand, but it won’t make you feel lethargic. It’s good for mornings or any time you want to be productive.

Wakanda strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain has a large amount of THC and small levels of CBD. Wakanda was created by crossing the infamous Ghost OG with Warlock Haze. The taste of this cannabis is described as earthy, sweet and lemon-like – a little bit sour like.

The Wakanda strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross between the fan favorite strains OG Kush and Durban Poison. This highly potent, indica dominant strain has an aroma that smells of spicy pine and earth with a hint of sweetness.

This wakanda strain is a powerful, long-lasting indica with an intriguing and uplifting high. Its genetics are mysterious but likely include the famous Sour Diesel, which adds a touch of blueberry sweetness to the flower’s pungent diesel aroma. The effects are relaxed and calming, perfect for unwinding after a long day or getting ready for sleep.

The Wakanda strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It has a powerful punch, but won’t knock you out so you can still get things done after using it. The effects will leave you feeling extremely relaxed and happy, allowing you to enjoy your evening activities with ease.

The first time I tried the Wakanda strain was in one of my buddies’ living room. It smelled like a good earthy, slightly skunky smell that I was used to from having sampled many other strains at his place before. We decided to hit it up there and then, but it would not be until later that night when the magic finally happened.


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Wakanda strain is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Blueberry and Green Crack parent plants. This high-THC strain features strong physical effects that lead to heavy sedation, making it ideal for treating pain, stress and depression. The ratio of indica to sativa present in this strain is 80:20.

Wakanda is a great strain for all-day medicating, as it gives you both the body buzz and energetic mind effect that most medical marijuana patients seek out. This strain is great for those suffering from chronic pain, nausea, fatigue and depression.

wakanda strain is a cross between the genetic lines of Afghan and Hindu Kush. Its buds will be tight and frosty, with a sweet flavor that has been described as fruity, sour and pungent.

The high hits you fast, producing an uplifting and energetic high that leaves your mind clear while relaxing muscles. A perfect balance of body stone with cerebral effects, it won’t leave you feeling sedated or stuck in one place.

The Wakanda strain is a balanced hybrid with equal parts sativa and indica. This strain is potent, energizing, and uplifting due to its sativa side. Its indica side produces calming effects and pain relief that are ideal for treating insomnia or anxiety.

The Wakanda strain is a cross between the African Sativa and Colorado Indica. It is considered a potent, yet balanced hybrid with a high THC content.

Many patients prefer this strain because it combines some of the best aspects of both indica and sativa strains, offering incredible pain relief without overwhelming side effects.

The Wakanda Strain is a super-strain of marijuana that is quite popular in the world. It has been developed by crossing some of the most famous strains like: Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The result is an almost pure sativa hybrid with a high level of THC potency that rises up to 25%.

Wakanda is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is said to include genetics from Bubble Gum, Royal Jack and more. The buds have a piney aroma with hints of sweet skunk, citrus, and spice. Waka’s THC content can range from 15% all the way up to 25%, making this strain one of the more potent on the market today.


The Wakanda strain for sale is a unique and famous bud that gets you lifted. It was created in the late 1990s, with Sativa-dominant genetics. This strain is known for giving users a euphoric high with clear-headedness and creativity.

The Wakanda strain is a potent hybrid with an energetic and long-lasting body effect. It’s made with equal parts Sativa and Indica genetics, including Columbian Gold, Thai, Haze and Afghan Kush varieties.

Wakanda is an indica dominant strain that has been crossed with Purple Urkle, Big Bud and Skunk #1. The high THC content of this strain makes it useful for pain relief and insomnia, while the Indica effects make it popular among those seeking sedation.

This strain is from the south African genetics. A cross between Blueberry and White Widow, Wakanda has a sweet fruity aroma with a skunky overtone similar to diesel fuel or cannabis oil.

The high starts off as cerebral energy that comes on fast and lasts for hours. As it progresses further it mellows into a relaxing body buzz that can put users to sleep if they don’t eat before they smoke this bud.

Wakanda is a combination of African Sativa, Jamaican Sativa and Afghani Indica that follows the vision of Black Panther. Its earthy aroma and sweet tropical taste blend well with the energetic effects of this strain.

The combination of THC and CBD produce a cerebral sensation without the impairment common to other strains offering an uplifting experience that is both energizing and mentally relaxing.

Wakanda is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s not only potent and flavorful, but also highly relaxing. This bud boasts an average THC level of 19% and potent pain relief properties without the paranoia or sleepiness of many other indica strains.

Wakanda is a strain that is often described as having an earthy, citrusy, and piney scent. The aroma is similar to Super Lemon Haze with a bit more sourness and less sweetness. This hybrid has a high THC content (around 20-25%) but should not be too powerful for people who are new to these types of cannabis strains.

Wakanda is a balanced hybrid with a relaxing indica body high that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. It has sweet, earthy flavors and aromas that remind some users of pine and citrus.


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